05 September 2017

Recent photography work

I was recently in Colorado taking photos and the photo above shows the massive difference working in RAW can have on a final photo. The amount of detail that was extracted turned a nothing, dark boring image into something much more interesting.

One of the feature in Affinity Photo is the de-hazing filter and it's pretty amazing. Since I was running around taking photos of distant vistas, haze can be an asset but also a problem. This show the difference that filter can make. There is a lot of control over the strength  and look of it so it's up to you as to how much or little haze you want to get rid of.

I was also, with my brother's advice, able to finally crack the problems I was having with night shots. I was WAY overthinking what I needed to do and he had a simple solution for my most vexing problem - focusing at infinity and keeping it there when you can't see a thing because... well, because it's dark outside.


T' said...

Pretty amazing results all around! I really like the night photo a lot. So beautiful! And it's nice to see there's some good filters in AP. Might have to think about getting that soon. If only my PS brushes would work in it...

Vincent-louis Apruzzese said...

I started doing some colour work in AP recently and it's fine but doesn't have anywhere close the variety of that brush set you have. I loaded all my .abr brushes but the others can't be imported at all... maybe someday.